As we get ready to head into summer, it’s important that we stay safe and protect ourselves from the heat.

The UK Health Security Agency has issued a hot weather warning for this weekend and while this is great news for many, there are also those of us who will struggle with extreme heat.

Temperatures are expected to reach 30 degrees in some areas and at this time older people, babies and young children are most at risk because their bodies are less able to regulate temperature.

It can particularly impact you if you are aged over 65 or have a pre-existing health condition such as heart disease and respiratory problems.

At times like these, pressures can increase on health services so it is important to know when and where you can get help. Visit the ICB Website to find out more including links to national advice.

There are some simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe including staying in the shade, drinking lots of water and using a high factor sun cream.