Eye Clinic Liaison Officer

I am Sue King and I am an ECLO for Support 4 Sight. I started off getting involved with Support 4 Sight as a volunteer; at coffee mornings, social trips and this lead on further to doing Home Visits. My son is Visually Impaired and I have had such great support and help from Support 4 Sight over the years.

6 people and a dog all cartoon and coloured different colours like: light blue, orange, dark blue, yellow, red

As a volunteer I was thrilled to be asked to go onto the ECLO course as I knew I could offer support to those in the area dealing with the same things I experienced when going to Hospitals and eye clinics.

As I have now completed the course, I am starting to get into the hospitals on regular days, getting more Home Visits done and networking in the area so my services can be used as much as possible.

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