On Sunday 23rd of April Claire Carlin ran The London Marathon 2023 and raised £810 for Support 4 Sight.

On Monday 24th Elizabeth Sandwell had a little catch up with Claire to hear all about it:

Claire is a little sore the morning after but still on such a high. Claire said the London marathon has an incredible atmosphere like no other marathon has. So much noise, music, people, and businesses out along the route to encourage you on through each mile! She has a few blisters but, in her recovery, she is planning to do some swimming and light movement. Another important part to her recovery is getting all the nutrients back into her body, but luckily her husband is a qualified chef.

Claire had her husband cheering her on at 9 and 25miles, the interesting part was trying to find him in the family area after the finishing line due to so many people wanting to greet their family and friends. You receive your medal first and then a t-shirt for finishing, which she is proudly wearing!

Her favourite thing was the atmosphere. As someone who is passionate about her faith, all the gospel music at the churches, people, and support was nothing like anything she’s done before. “I’m really, really, grateful to have been able to run in the London Marathon” which was also her 10th marathon.

She carried her own pouch of gels en-route and just stopped to get water from the stations. So many aid stations and medics to support you, and it only increased as the marathon went on.

Her transport needed to leave from London back to Dorset at 5.30pm so Claire was aiming to complete her run in 4 hours 10, but due to being ill she knew that wouldn’t be achievable. She ended up completing it in 4:55:18. She could have stayed up in London, but she thinks it’s quite nice after a marathon to get back into your own bed!

She trained hard but got knocked down with pneumonia at the beginning of the year, and was worried that she might have to pull out of the London event. She continued her training gradually despite struggling with coughing.

Claire has just completed the first year of her master’s in theology on Friday, so she’s had some learning support with her tutor and is now off to eat some protein on her day off work and then chill out.

She never thought she would be able to do a MA, having spent a lot of her life been written off completely by people as she has Aspergers and dyspraxia. “So being able to do full distance triathlons, long distance marathons and a MA is mental really!”, said Claire, “Thank you very much for the opportunity”.

Claire Carlin after the marathon wearing her medal