Today we’re joining more than 46 other charities to urge the UK Government to put people with sight loss and Disabled people at the heart of its response to the cost of living crisis.

We welcome the Government’s extension to the energy price guarantee, but bills are still higher than 12 months ago.

Solution: We urge the Government to launch a discounted social energy tariff that is fair for people with sight loss and Disabled people.

This image has a dark grey background with white text that reads: “Life can cost more if you live with sight loss”. The text is on the left half of the image. To the right of the text is a graphic of a stack of yellow coins. At the bottom right-hand corner is smaller white text that reads #SupportCantWait

Many people with sight loss and Disabled people say their benefits don’t cover the additional costs of being disabled.

Solution: The Government must work with people with sight loss to create a benefits system that fully supports Disabled people.

The cost of living crisis is continuing to disproportionately impact people with sight loss.

It’s time for action, not words. It’s time for long term solutions, not sticking plasters.

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