Employment Officer

Hi, I’m Rob Powell and I’ve have worked for S4S since August 2020 as an employment officer. I help clients to get into paid work by providing Advice and guidance, on a range of topics from writing a great CV, to disclosing a disability to a prospective employer.

I’ve Worked in the employment field for 15 years now, and the idea that I can help people to change their lives by enabling them to work is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

My favourite part of the job though is when I can help someone who already has a job to retain their employment.  I can attend meetings with employers, tell both parties about access to work, and help them through the application process. There is a wide range of support through the scheme and despite the frustrations involved, I certainly would have never been able to work without this support.

However, the most important thing I do is to help people to gain confidence in their own abilities. I always encourage those I work with to write down a list of things.

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