I am Sarah and I am visually impaired, aged 56 years old. My Visual Impairment was only discovered when I was 47 when Moorfields Eye hospital did tests. It turned out that I was born visually impaired, but it was never investigated until I found it more difficult in my life.

I have been in care work since the age of 20 and I tried to learn to drive in my 20s and this was when I first knew of my problems, but it wasn’t chased up as I was a private patient and declined to go further as the Neurosurgeon said no more could be done. It was when I got glasses my opportunity came to be seen at Moorfields.

My life hasn’t been disrupted, but small changes have been introduced. Support 4 Sight have been there for me since my registration of my diagnosis, and I need to show my gratitude.

My plan is to start at St Pauls as it is a Wren Church and I have bought a book to help find the more unknown Wren Churches, but on reading the book there are at least 52 of them in London alone!

I would like to turn it into a small competition to see if anyone could name the Wren Churches I visit, so keep an eye out on Support 4 Sight’s Social media pages!

Please find my Just Giving Page below