the 4 lads standing with blue Support 4 Sight Tshirts smiling with mountains and stone walling behind.

Scafell Pike – a hike against the elements!

Scafell Pike is a challenge at the best of times, but on 23rd March it was a challenge against all the elements the weather could conjure.

Jamie Hawkes, Billy Booty, Joe Southwell and Harry Phillip decided to take on England’s biggest mountain in honour of Jamie’s dad, Support 4 Sight’s team member Graham Hawkes, who passed away unexpectedly last autumn.

Jamie Hawkes said, “We wanted to raise as much money as possible for a cause that was so close to my dad’s heart and one that I know does such amazing work in the community.”

Saturday 23rd of March was the day the lads took on the challenge.

En route to the base of the Pike, they were warned that the temperature could be 2°C… and when they got just half way up they were wishing it was!  It was snowing and sleeting, with winds of 100mph. By the time they had made it to the summit, the wind had picked up to around 120mph and it was -14°C. There were areas where they had to scramble on their hands and knees over frozen rocks, which made their hands burn and, even though they were wearing trousers, it was painful!

At the summit, rather than enjoy the view and bask in the achievement, they couldn’t even stand up due to the winds, so they had to sit and take a few quick snaps before starting the descent. The whole thing was a 6 and a half hour round trip; 4.5 hours going up and around 2 getting down as they were in rush to get away from the weather.

The evening was spent having a well-earned celebration!

‘It was pretty dismal but worth it and we were glad we managed to do it.  It was more of a challenge than we expected, what with such extreme weather, so it has made all the donations worthwhile”, said Jamie.

Liz Sandwell, Outreach and Communications Coordinator, said, “After working with Graham for over 7 years I know how proud he would have been. Well done, to the fab four for such an amazingly executed challenge! We are so grateful to Jamie and the boys for taking this on as part of our Quirky 30 Challenge, to mark Support 4 Sight’s 30th Anniversary. The lads raised over £3000, which will go directly to support the programme of activities and outings for blind and partially sighted people, that Graham set up and was so passionate about”