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Statement from Support 4 Sight regarding Saffron Walden

Support 4 Sight a charity that supports blind and partially sighted people based in Saffron Walden has announced a restructuring and will be relocating from its existing premises in the next few weeks after concluding that it was no longer viable to support its Resource Centre and offices in Saffron Walden.

“Following changes to available future funding and the general economic climate, we have been reviewing the sustainability of Support 4 Sight in Saffron Walden and our trustees have been working closely to determine the best way forward for continuity of the provision of services to visually impaired people in the area,”.

“We have, sadly, concluded that the Saffron Walden premises for Support 4 Sight are no longer viable, and have made the difficult decision that the charity will no longer operate from its existing local premises.”

“Support 4 Sight is committed to continuing to provide services for blind and partially sighted people from the premises in Chelmsford and to maintain as much of its support for local people as it can.

Chief executive of the charity  Gary Hyams has said “We are working to transfer our main activities and administration to Chelmsford, and we feel that this is the best solution for the charity for ensuring the continuity of services for blind and partially sighted people, including those who are looking for employment throughout the Mid and West of Essex for years to come.

We are confident that these opportunities for blind and partially sighted people will continue at Chelmsford resource centre and it is also our intention to provide as much of the existing services as we can in Uttlesford, including our information desk in Saffron Walden Community Hospital sight clinic and our Saffron Walden coffee mornings, but without the cost of operating premises which in this day and age is extremely expensive. We will be looking to have a pop-up resource centre at the coffee mornings and will also be investigating other opportunities to allow service users to access equipment and information and guidance within the local area”.

Further information will be provided to our members and volunteers over the coming weeks.