Support 4 Sight provides independent advocacy support to help you, as a person with sight loss, resolve issues or concerns you may have about your health and well-being or Health and social care services in Essex.

In addition we have launched a new advocacy service for people with sight loss, in partnership with SeAp and other local specialist providers, to deliver advocacy to visually impaired adults living in Kent.

Advocates take action to support people to make informed choices, secure their rights, represent their needs and obtain services. Advocates speak up for people and/or encourage individuals to speak up for themselves.

We want to help you by ensuring:

• You are in control of decisions which are made about you.
• Your experiences, views, wishes and feelings are heard.
• You can contribute to improving the health and care services you use.

We can help with issues such as:

• Making an NHS complaint
• Supporting a Safeguarding issue
• Ensuring your needs are considered and you are involved in decisions made about your care
• Issued faced in the community

If you, or a person you know requires assistance with any of the above issues, or other challenges, contact us on 01799 523700 and please visit the website: