Community Services Manager

Hi, I’m Vanessa Cowell. I describe myself as the Medusa of the team, (for the right reasons!) This is because I have a very varied role.

I can be doing anything from providing Low Vision Services at Princess Alexandra Hospital, I am a qualified Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) so provide information, advice, emotional support at Princess Alexandra Hospital and also look after all out other ECLOs. I undertake home visits and am able to help in many aspects of someone life at home and outside, with equipment, particularly my obsession with providing good lighting.

Vanessa Cowell

6 people and a dog all cartoon and coloured different colours like: light blue, orange, dark blue, yellow, red

Assisting people with the benefit system is a large part of my role as it is a difficult path for someone to undertake on their own. I am the trainer for Sighted Guiding, Visual Awareness Training and undertake many different training sessions for our many wonderful volunteers.

Oh, there are many other things I do and so that’s why I say Medusa!! I drive a lot of miles in my role and my colleague Paul is always nervous when I call the centre and say “I’ve been thinking!!” Its usually for a positive reason.

I am extremely passionate about helping anyone who has a visual impairment and will always go as far as I can with that support for that person and their families. Looking outside the box is something I love to do!

The support for sight car used for home visits

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